Nokia Lumia 630 Launched In India With 2 New Accessories

Microsoft Mobile India first official press conference revealed Nokia Lumia 630 to the Indian Market with two new accessory MD-12 wireless speaker and Treasure Tag.

Nokia Lumia 630 –


Nokia Lumia 630 is the first device having Dual-Sim Variant and Window 8.1 (out of the Box) of a Lumia Series. Nokia Lumia 630 single sim will be available later this month while Dual-Sim version will be available by 16th May.

Nokia Lumia 630 Launch was quite entertaining in comparison to any other usual launch or press release. The showcase of Dual-Sim was plain awesome. Microsoft brings new challenges to Dual-Sim Mobile maker to beat out. The personalization and customization in dual-Sim was never so simple it lets you swipe between Sim at any time you want like for calling or messages. Best Feature of Dual-Sim is that you can NAME YOUR SIM 😉 As a human we have different life at different point of life like we are someone with friends and other person in office two sides of a single person, Here Nokia Lumia 630 Dual-Sim helps you out to make your life easier & faster with things and saves you from mixing it.

Nokia Lumia 630 is also a gift to health conscious users, the new Sensor brings low power motion sensing to help people track their all day activity using apps like Bing Health. It count every step you make so you don’t have to spent extra money for another gadget.

Nokia Lumia 630 Specifications are also quite interested : Nokia Lumia 630 comes with a 4.3′ IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen and Packed with the quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7 processor which also makes it, the first one to have quad-core in Lumia have 5Mp FF camera on back,8Gb internal Memory expandable upto 128Gb via Card slot.It will be available in numbers of colors : Bright Orange, bright green, bright yellow, white, black.

The Only area where i feel disappointed by Lumia 630 is, its Low RAM and Camera Without FLASH.

Nokia Lumia 630 Single Sim and Dual-Sim will be available for Rs.10.500 & Rs.11.500 respectively.

Current Offers On Nokia Lumia 630 :



Detailed review will be soon.

Treasure Tag :


Treasure Tag is something which let you locate your treasure on your Lumia so you wont miss or lose it. Treasure tag will be available for Rs.2100. For now its only work on Lumia’s having black update.Microsoft also confirm their planing to have individual app for treasure tag to work on Android And IOS. It Comes with the amazing battery back-up of six months.

The Treasure Tag can be connected to a Lumia Windows Phone-based device via NFC or Bluetooth 4.0.

Nokia MD-12 Wireless Speaker :

MD-12-wireless-speaker Nokia MD-12 portable wireless speaker will be available for Rs. 5,499. The speaker will be available by June. It is said to deliver good bass effect no matter what surface it is kept on. Connect through Bluetooth & have a pleasure of quality sound where ever you go.


The cupcake  shaped Mini speaker will be available in four colors – Yellow, Green, Orange and White.


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