Smart Sports Man’s :- Can’t Live without it


Couple of days ago as you guys know that Nokia Sports Tracker is no longer in beta stage so here i test it final (not so still improving ) version because i love to see myself tracking lol its bit funny but i cant resist it.

ohh about my tittle i mean to say that A sports man can live without it but a smart sports man cant live without NEW SPORTS TRACKER because a smart man uses smart ways to do things.

I m not a sports man but little smart lol

Today i have tried it out in haridwar as i m in haridwar i dont get my bike so i hire one of my house-keeping supervisor bicycle which is the basic model lookalike milkman bicycle (dont lough) i was looking funny on it.

If you are not familiar with Nokia Sports tracker service take a  quick look over at

About Sports Tracker :

With free Sports Tracker application mobile phone becomes a full-featured GPS sports computer, keeping track of everything from calories burned while running to your average cycling speed over altitude. You get maps, time and distance calculators, step count, and even heart rate when you use a compatible HR belt. All data is stored in a diary so you can chart your progress, find your strengths and weaknesses, and share with others.
The new release of Sports Tracker for Nokia touch-screen phones is one of the most downloaded applications in Nokia Ovi Store, together with YouTube, Skype and Opera, with downloads from more than 170 countries.
After millions of downloads worldwide, it’s now more successful than ever before.

About Sports Tracking Technologies Ltd :

We believe that people will be healthier, happier and more socially respected when our Sports Tracker application helps them enjoy and stay motivated in exercising. Sports Tracker motivates users by tracking their outdoor activities, steering training with informative on-line data and especially getting support by sharing their actions and feelings with their friends in the Sports Tracker social community.

Key facts :

· Sports Tracking Technologies was founded 2009 by Ykä Huhtala, Jussi Kaasinen and Antti Sorvari, after a successful spin-off from Nokia
· Headquarters in Helsinki, Finland
· Nokia Sports Tracker beta was released in 2007 by Nokia and it has millions of users worldwide
· Sports Tracker for Nokia S60 5.0 touch phones was released by Sports Tracking Technologies in April 2010

Now lets start what i think about it :

First of all the website is so cool you can track people around the world & share your workout with them


Now’s after simple steps of registration & downloading direct app from Ovi Store, Login in my account which is surprising amazing.

Here you can check out your workout costomize your workout, make out your monthly workout   


Settings u can change, the most i love to see is u can change appearance of website


Making Workout is Fun


My First workout on Nokia Sports Tracker




Now Lets Head Over At Mobile Application:

New Nokia Sports Tracker Is Available For Nokia User At Ovi Store (built in store by nokia)



How Its Look Like In your mobile device (look may be differ by devices)

Scr000001 Scr000015

Look After opening application : Here u can make your workout,view you last workouts, training diary, some settings & the best part u can shop heart belt direct from your phone application 

Scr000002 Scr000012

In sports tracker application there are lots of activities & the options to make urself one

Scr000003 Scr000004 Scr000005

How its look like while doing a activity :- 

Scr000006Scr000009 Scr000010 Scr000014 

Application Settings :


Want to share your workout, here u can over with sports tracker friends & u can also at facebook frds accounts  





#NokiaDate My confession

A couple of days ago our WomWord/Nokia friends have just made a significant medical discovery….  Which is know as DATE

In case you’re not familiar, DATE is a medical condition triggered by the end of your trial period. It stands for:


Why is it getting worse?

Because the WomWorld/Nokia trial programme has been steadily growing across the globe in recent years.

This is, of course, great news… but it does mean the spread of DATE is likely to widen.

To try and combat this inevitable consequence, we’re putting together a cure for the very biggest DATE sufferer out there.

Is that you?

Yes, ofcourse i m,

The worst part is not returning, its gets started after returning when we think whole day about the old days with it


My story start when Lydia from WomWord/Nokia send me a mail of trial agreement after it i got my first trial (Nokia N97 & BH-214) on 20/02/10 which force me to put back in world of symbian at my home place

I was very exited, every time just thinking about it & tracking my shipment package number after every passing minute.

My first ever experience shared at SF:

Hi guys first i want to thx Womworld Nokia whole team and special Thanks to LYDIA for giving me such opportunity
well in first sight it cant beat by any phone this is truly amazing design overall i fell in love :love: with its beauty spl its sliding and also try its map its totally awesome on big screen with high details well i dont get time to check its navigation yet oh how can i forgot abt blutooth handset its alsoo lookin cool with good range i even not touched handsfree which is coming with N97 lol

Lets start with
camera :
well i m not amazed that much bcoz its the same as my N95 except that flash light and preview with big screen.
but editing is fun with lots of new frames And clip arts.
Browsing ::
browsing is superb on it i have opened my own full flash website its works perfectly which i love it
message reader is also cool new option its read perfectly but is any1 know how to add female voice in it, i think that would be more clear then male voice
Maps ::
maps is fast on it means scrolling and clear deep view well i haven’t try its navigation yet but i will post it here
Music ::
About music i don’t happy with its speaker volume level in compersion to My N95 its has down i think by of its small sizes they fit smaller speakers.
Video ::
watching videos on N97 is like whole new exp for me it support full screen in caparison with E90 and continue option which i like the i store a full movie on and watch it truly amazing
touch is flawless and i like the double tapping to open a folder or file omnia dont have this feature
Software Update Application ::
its makes easy to update in N97 u can download software directly from phone
Fm transmitter ::
this is totally amazing application which allow us play songs of our phone to the fm spl useful in car. (now there is no need to listen unwanted songs on fm).
Widgets ::

Widgets like email , facebook , music , calender, speed dials and whatever u need means any application its all on 1 touch which are very useful. and i can access all these on main screen of phone which makes it simple for use.

I can say that this phone is beauty beast,its lookin like mini computer when i put it on table with slide up well this phone is not common in people yet when i m in my office customers always starring at my phone and questioning abt it "whats this thing?" when i tell them its a new phone from nokia N97 they totally amazed with it I think with the high price tag its not popular in people but this phone deserve this price its abt INR 30,000/= in DELHI now a days when i purchase my N95 its abt INR 28,000/= so i dont think so that this phone is costly because N95 is nothing in front of N97.
Well i disagree with some of its points:-
sometimes its lacks from ram & hangs out lot
sometimes its got blank and start itself,
i have battery out three times in a week whereas in N95 case 3 times in 2 years.
missing 3D Acceleration,Tv-out cable(cant get connected with car lcd for navigation), Old styled headphones(which come with N96 first)and the most disappointing things is its battery cover which cliches all the time and little push inside when holding in hand.
well i think i have tried all its things and the time is abt to come to return it to WOMWORLD NOKIA
Well its truly amazing phone. :wink:

My second trial was Nokia N900 

Nokia N97 is my first love ever like Mike Jowett

Love is something we cant describe in words & cant even imagine,its a feeling which we can feel when fall in love.

“Absence from whom we love is worse than death, and frustrates hope severer than despair” 

As you guys can see i trialled only two device yet because of DATE. After giving away  N97 back i was in the world of despair,always thinking about the beauty of it, everything is looking nothing to me using my N95 carelessly even forgot at some places, i was lost in the middle of nowhere.Tracking shipment No of returning & request Albertine to report when it safely returned to him.

I always wanted to tell you but Its hard to confess in front of people who loves you lot.

Man i can’t forget that wonderful time i had with white N97. its gives me pleasure when i think about it

All credit goes to WomWorld/Nokia team for adding me in their family.

Now enjoy sweet memories (in story way) i had with my trial devices with my favourite song :

Nokia N97 mini is more beautiful  than N97 so pls cursed me with it to let me out from deep despair.