Win free ovi stuff with sports tracker

About two days ago Niini over Ovi Blog posted about Ovi Sports Tracker competition where you can win some seriously cool Ovi swag with your Sports Tracker scores!- head over to Check out: Ovi Blog for more on Sports Tracker competition

So here’s my entry for it :

1.Starting out with running :

check out online result here :

2. Then walking & try to make something :

lol i was talkin to my brother

now take a look what i have made on India’s map :  OVI

i have edit it a little u can take a look on original here :

3. Again running to back

online link for workout:

4.Now the most interesting & first time i have tried Cycling

on this point man i was totally out of energy but i finally make it

Online link :

So here is my today total workout :

Sport:  running,walking,cycling
Start Time:  2010-06-14 07:14
Distance:    09.03 km
Duration:    63m:71s
Calories:    302 kcal

This workout is  hard for me aft reaching home i drop on my bed like a dead man but aft drank some energy drinks finally back on my feet.


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