Week 2 : Day 1 Try out some sports at once

HI guys its starting week 2 of Dailyappskills & and today i finally manage to do some sports at once.

1.Starting out with running :

check out online result here :


2. Then walking & try to make something :

lol i was talkin to my brother

now take a look what i have made on India’s map :

i have edit it a little u can take a look on original here :


3. Again running to back

online link for workout:


4.Now the most interesting & first time i have tried Cycling

on this point man i was totally out of energy but i finally make it

Online link :


So here is my today total workout :

Sport:  running,walking,cycling
Start Time:  2010-06-14 07:14
Distance:    09.03 km
Duration:    63m:71s
Calories:    302 kcal

Todays workout is little hard for me aft reaching home i drop on my bed like a dead man but aft drank some energy drinks finally back on my feet.

lots of fun ahead so stay tuned 🙂


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